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Fire-Police-EMS Fitness

Injury Prevention, Wellness & Fitness For the Public Safety and Health Care Professional.

Injury Prevention Program
Fit Responder Programs


Injury Prevention, Fitness, Wellness, Performance Enhancement, Loss and Risk Reduction Programs for:

  • Fire Fighters                       Law Enforcement

                                                                              Corporate Wellness

    Tactical Fitness

    Industry and Manufacturing
    Risk Management & Workers Compensation  

    Injury Risk Screenings

    Physical Ability Testing for EMS


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The Fit

 Serving those that serve through the Implementation of:

  • Advanced Physical Conditioning

  • Biomechanical Testing

  • Injury Prevention Programs following the "SMF" Principle

  • Stress Reduction and Wellness programs

  • Patient Handling Ergonomics

  • Material Handling Ergonomics

The Fit Responder Program will reduce the RATE & SEVERITY of Injury while reducing your OSHA recordable lost work days.  Your employees WILL get injured LESS and be at work healthy and able MORE!

Bryan Fass is one of the foremost experts on public safety injury prevention, fitness, wellness, Patient Handling ergonomics and injury analysis screenings.  He is a highly regarded speaker, author and consultant.  Bryan and his Fit Responder Programs are being utilized to reduce overexertion injury, decrease workers compensation costs, reduce loss and field healthy-fit employees.  State associations, local government, municipalities, corporations and industry have all benefited from the direction and credibility Bryan brings with the Fit Responder program.  As a Clinician with over 15 years of rehabilitation and human performance experience and as a Paramedic I look at the human body with a perspective that few possess.  With the credibility to "get through" to employees because I have been there I am able to change behaviors and that leads to injury reduction.

Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMT’s,  Paramedics and Nurses will over the course of their career be exposed to countless situations where there will be no proper way to lift or move.  Sometimes we just have to get the job done, and get it done fast.  Police, Fire and EMS injury rates continue to rise despite better gear and equipment, so what is an organization or Responder to do? 


Working in EMS part time and having a career in Clinical Sports Medicine / Athletic Training full time has allowed me a unique look at our profession from both the inside out and the outside in.  The decision to write the Fit Responder book and enter the world of Public Safety Fitness, Wellness and Injury Prevention Consulting has been and continues to be fueled by the friends I made over my 8 years as a Paramedic.
The 'Fit Responder' Program came about because I could no longer sit quietly aside while watching co-workers bodies deteriorate and fail from lack of care, improper exercise and over / under use.
Throughout my career I have had countless Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses and Medics come to me  for advice and guidance.  Unfortunately by the time many of them contacted me their bodies were already injured.  Make no mistake about it ...your chosen profession is hard on your body. But there are simple things that can be done, on duty and off, to fight injury and be fit. 
The FIT RESPONDER program was designed to help you be healthy, stay healthy and perform better.
Utilizing simple but very effective tests and 'corrective exercises' we can keep you healthy, on the job while reducing your health care costs.
There are numerous 'programs, books, peer trainers and experts' out there that simply reinforce exercises and concepts that are dangerous. The biomechanical imbalances that a career in Public Safety and Health Care causes and years of 'dangerous bodybuilding type' exercise will take it's toll on your body.

You owe it to yourself and the community you serve to integrate Injury Prevention Techniques and ‘corrective exercises’ into your fitness routine.

Let me teach you or your department how to use science and proper biomechanics to keep you healthy, strong and injury free.

The Fit Responder Program follows 4 specific tracks to address the needs of each department.

Track 1:Administrator's and Training officer's.
  • Train the Trainer Class where we train and create "Ergonomic Safety Officers", policy development, Program development, Ergonomic and Patient handling guidelines.

Track 2: Risk and Safety/ Workers Compensation.
  • Overexertion Injury Prevention/Ergonomics Training, Behavior Modification, Wellness and Stress Management, Return to Work Program.

Track 3: Field employee's and front line crew.
  • Continuing Education Classes, Injury Prevention Training, On Duty Fitness Classes, Nutrition &  Wellness, Advanced Tactical Fitness.

Track 4:Peer Fitness Trainers, Training Officers and Academy instructors.
  • Advanced Training Techniques, Tactical Fitness Train the Trainer, Corrective Exercise Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement, Technique Mastery Classes, Functional Movement Analysis Screening Training.


The Fit Responder is Proud to have worked with:


South Carolina Association of Counties


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Bryan holds a Bachelors In Sports Medicine is Nationally Certified and Licensed as an Athletic Trainer (ATC) a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS), a Paramedic and has numerous certifications in manual therapeutics and soft tissue techniques. Recognized as an expert in corrective exercise, functional movement analysis and tactical training with a specialty in spine stabilization with over 16 years of clinical experience.

Bryan is the Author of the Fit Responder Fitness and wellness techniques for the public safety professional and has co-authored 3 other books on health and fitness. Bryan writes a regular column for,, and has been published in EMS magazine.  He is regularly contacted for expert opinion on public safety injury prevention, ergonomics, pre-hospital patient handling and fitness issues and contributes regularly to numerous public safety web outlets.

Bryan has lectured and taught for numerous county and private organizations and national level trade shows including EMS expo, Fire house world, enforcement expo, ECA Fitness and State conferences throughout the US. Bryan also teaches a corporate wellness and travel fitness program for corporate clients throughout the Country.

Bryan is the founder and president of Fass Consulting LLC, based out of the Charlotte NC area. Fass Consulting Specializes in Public Safety/Labor Injury Prevention, Ergonomics, Wellness, Human Performance Enhancement and Fitness Testing.

A passionate presenter and teacher Bryan has a very unique approach to injury prevention, this approach comes from over 16 years of clinical rehabilitation with a specialty in Spine and Postural reeducation and over 8 years on the street as a paramedic. No one has the ability to see public safety fitness and injury prevention as Bryan does, from the outside in and from the inside out.

Bryan practices what he preaches, he is an avid athlete that enjoys weight training, functional conditioning, mud runs, soccer and tactical fitness training.




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